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RFID warehouse system

Working flow

Incoming : Before incoming,must use desktop reader to write messages into tags ..Messages include: name of goods, model,data of production,effective date ,site of  prduction, order Number and so on ,when write all messages..then fix this tags on goods ,when incoming,goods pass by the passway what installing reader ,reader will automatically read tags on the goods,then reader will send data to management system.management system will analysis and judge goods where should be located ,and then will display ID and messages in large screen.Operator placed goods the right site according to location signal

Check: check goods message by using 2.45G portable reader,2.45G portable reader can read about 30m or so ...so If only operator hand portable reader to near to goods in the range of 30m,then portable reader will automatically gather  messages of goods and then stored in PDA .2.45G non-directional reader also can  realize these functions
Looking and location functions:look certain things and goods by background management software .To recognize goods is in the range of which localizer according to upload tags' data

Outing: Querying out where are goods that will be out ,then take out the good,when goods pass by the passway,reader that fixed in passway will read tags' data on the goods ,then reader send tags'data to warehouse management system to copy and write-off
System advantage

1: Incoming and outing are simple and quick,wireless transmit
2: Electronical tags  can be used again and again.Reduce the cost
3: Increasing the throughput  of logistic central
4: Logistic tracking on supply-chain
5: Inspecting the tracking of goods times and times
6: Gathering and querying  the messages of goods
7: Improving  the quality of working ,shortening the flow of working
8: Saving the cost of people ,reducing the running of cost
9: Reducing goods spoilage


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